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Legal nurse consulting service

Attorney often has to deal with a very high volume of records when it comes to medical cases such as malpractice and long term care. Reviewing these records can prove to be difficult for them especially because they are not experts in these area. This is why it would be a good idea for them to join hands with a legal nurse consultant. They are well knowledgeable in the medical industry and will therefore be of suitable guidance to the legal team. They will effectively review the records and provide informed thoughts on various areas. You will have the following benefits by hiring a legal nurse consultancy.

An Accurate and Timely Review of Medical Records
When it comes to medical cases, attorneys are forced to handle piles and piles of medical records. Without a proper understanding of the medical field, it can be difficult for you to understand the medical language in those documents. When trying to review these records by yourself, you will end up using an extensive amount of your time. This is because you will first have to do some research to gain a better understanding on the medical terms used in these records. It is also very likely for you to misunderstand the information.

A legal nurse consultant, on the other hand, is already familiar with the terminology due to her experience as a medical staff. She will therefore be able to accurately review the recodes in a timely manner and provide a summary.

Assist in the Determination of the Legal Cause of Injury
When dealing with medical cases, the determination of the legal cause of an injury is a crucial step. Most of the times, this is referred to as the “proximate cause” and is something that the attorney has to provide proof for. It involves proving that the injuries gotten by a person could be foreseen as per how they were medically treated. This is usually a very difficult task for an attorney. Therefore, help from a legal nurse consultant would come in handy. Due to their expertise, they can identify what might have led or influenced the injuries sustained. This will provide the attorney with the resources to prove the cause of injury in court.

Advise the Legal Team on Standard of Care
Standard of care is a crucial aspect in medical-legal cases. It refers to the reasonable amount of care that should be offered by a professional medical practitioner given the situation. This will help in evaluating the commitment of the medical professional to the patient in question. With this, it can then be determined whether or not the medical professional fulfilled their commitment to giving the patient a particular standard of care.

While an attorney may not be able to know this, a legal nurse consultant has extensive experience in the medical sector. As such, they would know what standard of care should be given to a patient in a particular situation. This is information that she can easily derive from the medical records provided. She will be able to suggest what the medical professional should have done. This information will be highly valuable to the attorney as he supports his case in court.

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